Lar – fotollibre

Photo book
Size closed: 19 x 24 cm ||| Size opened: 38 x 24 cm
Number of pages: 54
Printed: 200
Especial edition

A cabin on the hills, nests made by methodical birds or a den among the bushes, symbols that appeal the most primitive sense of home, cosiness and ease to safeguard from the cold and thunderstorm nights.

Home is no longer a well-marked territory spotted on the map, instead we turn into nomadic beings which from the movement make a new residence. The drifting transform the meanings for horizon, family and memory. We carry home as a bag full of stories and findings that help us to rebuild the idea of belonging. A reformulation of meanings where home is built on the intention of nomadism and walking.


  • Desenvolupament del projecte personal Lar.
  • Autoria de la Fotografia. el disseny gràfic i el vídeo.
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